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OPTIMAL is the largest supplier of mobile partition walls in Poland.
We have produced four proprietary wall systems tailored to your needs.
We are Poland's only mobile-wall producer using its own patented technology.
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About the Company

We have operated on the Polish market since 1994 and have produced sliding walls since 2008. Since then we have successfully fitted over 3,200 walls in Poland and all over Europe. Our extensive experience gives us the ability to complete even the most demanding of projects. Our contracts are handled rapidly, thanks to our trade-and-fitting network covering the whole of Poland and parts of Europe.

We are Poland's only producer of mobile partition walls with its own patented technology.

Our services are based on the following basic steps:

  • We immediately respond to your needs
  • We design the wall and prepare a preliminary quotation
  • We visit the investment site and discuss all the essential details
  • We prepare the detailed design and the draft contract
  • We guarantee short completion times and affordable prices

Our company is the creator of the OPTIMAL mobile partition-wall system, and its original manufacturer.

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We are open to cooperate with architects – on favourable terms.

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A system of aluminium profile walls designed to provide a clear division of space.

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