Optimal 110 Acoustic

When silence is essential



    The walls can be stored anywhere,
    including in a recess.


    The units are slid along the operating axis, individually


    The wall forms a physical and acoustic barrier.
    It divides rooms and allows them to be
    rearranged to fit the immediate needs.

  • 4DOOR

    A convenient way to connect
    the separate rooms.

Construction of wall units

Construction of wall units

The walls are made of 80 to 130-cm-wide units with their height adjusted to the room size. The system thickness is 11 cm.

The units are made of a steel and aluminium frame, a soundproof
panel and a double-sided finish of laminated or veneer board.

The units are suspended on an aluminium rail fitted into the ceiling plane.

Each unit comprises:

  1. An aluminium and steel load-bearing frame,
  2. Aluminium safety edges connecting units with a magnetic seal,
  3. An expanding mechanismy,
  4. Horizontal ceiling-floor expanding boards, extended from the unit,
  5. A soundproof material,
  6. Finishing panels – melamine, veneer or wallpaper-covered board, metallic sheets, glass, whiteboard etc.


Thanks to exchangeable finishing panels, Optimal 110 is the only system on the market that lets you change the lining of fitted units without the need to disassemble them.

The Optimal System dispenses with the troublesome floor guides.




Technical data

Wall thickness 110 mm
Soundproofing do Rw = 54 dB
Wall height unlimited
Unit width 700-1300 mm
Suspension 1- or 2-point
Door single or double
Operation semi-automatic or manual

Suspension systems


An additional advantage of our system is the possibility of placing a lockable, single- or double-leaf door in any segment.

The door forms an integral part of the wall, both visually and functionally.

  • Drzwi jednoskrzydłowe
  • Drzwi jednoskrzydłowe


The soundproofing performance of the OPTIMAL 110 system ranges from 42dB to 54dB, depending on the selected version.

The OPTIMAL 110 system provides the highest soundproofing performance of all mobile partition-wall systems on the market.



Optimal Automatic

The Optimal 110 Acoustic system is available in an automatic version.

The wall is operated by manually placing the units along the wall axis, similarly to the manual variant. On connecting the unit, the electric motor is activated, extending the boards that stabilise
the unit in its operating location.



The Optimal 110 system has passed the full range of tests at the Building Research Institute in Warsaw.

Our sliding walls have been tested extensively in the following areas
– usage safety
– efficient operation
– soundproofing
– response to fire

All tests have been passed with high scores in the respective product criteria.

Mechanical tests Fire tests




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