Optimal 110 Light

An efficient way to divide a room

Lightweight mobile wall system Optimal 50 Light


    The walls can be stored anywhere,
    including in a recess.


    The units are slid along the operating axis, individually


    Optimal 50 Glass forms a physical and acoustic barrier,
    without visually restricting the divided space.

Optimal 50 Light is a lightweight sliding-walls system that takes up little space when not in use.
The system is composed of units made of an aluminium frame around a laminated panel, a metallic sheet or other panels. Its lightweight structure makes it an ideal fit for any ceiling. The frame can be anodised or varnished in any colour from the RAL palette.

Basic technical data

Wall thickness 50 mm
Soundproofing performance up to Rw = 33 dB
Wall height unlimited
Unit width 860-1300 mm
Suspension 1- or 2-point
Door single
Operation manual
Panel thickness 18 mm


Construction of wall units

Budowa ścian Optimal 50

Each unit, which forms the basic element of the walls, is made of an aluminium frame with finishing panels inside it. 

  • aluminium frame  
     - anodised
     - varnished in any RAL colour

  • non-transparent panels
    - chipboards
    - metallic sheets

The units are suspended on a rail fitted in the ceiling plane, which means that no floor guide is required.


Panel types

In the Optimal 50 Light system, the units feature 
non-transparent panels:

  • Chipboard:
    • laminated
    • veneered
  • Metallic sheets:
    • sheet varnished in any RAL colour
    • whiteboard
    • stainless steel
  • Other finishing panels chosen by the client within the limits of the technology




An additional advantage of our system is the possibility of placing a door with an automatic sill in any section of the wall. Single-leaf door. Lockable.

The door forms an integral part of the wall, both visually and functionally.


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