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Profile fixed wall system – Optimal Office

Aluminium partition walls are the most popular method of dividingrooms in modern buildings. The Optimal Office system gives you the freedom to choose the finishing material, allows quick and "dry" fitting, and provides you with the ability to move the wall to another place when the situation changes.

The walls are available in the post and post-less variants. They can feature glass or non-transparent panels, such as laminated board or varnished metallic sheets.

The aluminium profiles are anodised or varnished in any colour from the RAL palette.

You can use between-the-glass blinds. Space for electrical fittings is also provided.


Basic technical data

Wall thickness 80 mm
Glazing single or double
Glass thickness 6-18 mm
Chipboard thickness 18 mm
Door single or double-leaf
Soundproofing performance up to Rw = 53 dB


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Construction of wall units

Each Optimal Office system wall is composed of aluminium profiles and a panel.

The system is available in three structural variants


Fully-glazed version. Single or double glazing

With mullions

Single or double glazing.

The variant with mullions features vertical aluminium bars at the connections between the glass panes. Due to the narrow width of the profiles (40 mm), the variant with mullions allows a substantialamount of light to come through the wall surface.

Mixed panels

The variant with mullions allows the use of mixed panels, featuring glass and non-transparent panels in any proportion.


Panel types


Single or double glazing, laminated safety glass (VSG) or toughened glass (ESG), with a thickness of 6-12 mm.

Mixed panels

You can use mixed panels featuring a non-transparent lower section and a transparent upper section for the light to pass through.

Upper section

  • glass
  • Plexiglass

Lower section

  • laminated panels
  • veneered panels
  • metallic sheets varnished in any RAL colour

Mixed versions are available in the variant with mullions and with horizontal aluminium profiles separating the panel areas.



The soundproofing performance of Optimal Office ranges from 40 dBto 53dB, depending on the selected version.

Double glazing provides  effective sound insulation.



An additional advantage of our system is the possibility of placing a lockable, single- or double-leaf door in any segment.

The door forms an integral part of the wall, both visually and functionally.

Optimal Office Fire


The Optimal Office Fire system is composed of aluminium profiles and fire-resistant glass. Thanks to the mullions the system allows the use of mixed panels featuring laminated boards and varnished metallic sheets.


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