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Sliding walls


Optimal 50 Glass

Glass sliding walls

The Optimal 50 Glass mobile glass wall system makes it possible to divide premises with preservation of natural sunlight , with the use of modules that are made of circumferential frame and glass filling. There is a possibility to apply it in single-leaf and double-leaf door at any section of the wall.



Parked wall

Possibility to mount modules at any location also in the cavity.


Wall folding

Modules are sliding manually, one after another.


Complete wall

Due to module strutting, acoustic and physical barrier is created.

The wall divides premises, allowing their arrangement in accordance with current needs.

System structure

Optimal 50 Light walls consist of glass modules that are 80 cm – 130 cm wide and the height of which corresponds to the conditions of the premises. The wall is 5 cm thick.


Modules are suspended in the aluminum runway that is mounted in the ceiling surface.


Optimal systems do not require any cumbersome floor guides.

Technical catalog
  1. circumferential aluminum frame
  2. aluminum strutting-locking mechanism
  3. runway carrier
  4. strutting base board
  5. strutting ceiling board
  6. glass filling

Basic technical data

Wall thickness 50 mm
Acoustic isolation Rw = 33dB
Wall height up to room height
Module width 860-1300 mm
Suspension 1 or 2 point
Door single-leaf
Service manual


Suspension systems

zoomed runway

load bearing ceiling fixing, short

load bearing ceiling fixing, medium

load bearing ceiling fixing, long

ferroconcrete binder fixing, lateral

suspension on a steel beam, no load-bearing ceiling


We design all methods of wall parking from simplest to most complex – depending on the room conditions.


Another advantage of our system is the possibility of placing on the bottom section of the wall, single-winged key-closed door.


The door are the integral part of the wall in terms of visual and operational.


Sound insulation of Optimal 50 Glass system is Rw = 33 dB.

Filling options

Optimal 50 Glass

Modules in Optimal 50 Glass are filled with transparent panels.


Transparent or milk glass:
– laminated (VSG)
– toughened (ESG)


…or mirrors, plexi and other finishing panels demanded by the customer that can be used with the current technology.


Optimal 50 Light

Optimal 50 Light uses modules filled with non-transparent panels.


Chip boards:
– laminated
– veneered


…and other finishing panels demanded by the customer that can be used with the current technology.



Optimal 50 Light system has undergone the complete set of tests at the Building Technique Institute in Warsaw.


Our sliding walls have been tested for:

– safety of use

– load resistance

– correct operation

– sound insulation

– response to fire NRO


All the tests were positive within the upper tolerances for the product.


If you are considering a wall of other manufacturer, ask them about tests at the Building Technique Institute and come back to us!


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