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Fixed walls


Optimal Office 30

Economical partition walls

System of beamless, aluminum-glass fixed walls Optimal Office 30 is the economical division of rooms. Thin aluminum profiles allow to use plenty of glass in the wall view.


Optimal Office 30 is a system of light glazing for modern interiors. Thin, elegant aluminum strips that can be powdered with any RAL color allow to adapt the wall to your custom expectations. The system allows to use fully-glazed or glassed door in the aluminum casing. Description, system design, basic technical data, system width and technical catalogue

System structure

System Optimal Office 30 is made of aluminum profiles and glass filling. Base profile with square section is installed directly into the ground, walls, ceiling or suspended ceiling. Glazed strips are fixed to the base profile.  Glazing with sheets of 8, 10, 12 or 16 mm. The system allows to use wholly-glazed door within the aluminum casing.

Technical catalog

Basic technical data

Wall thickness 30 mm
Acoustic isolation Rw = 39 dB
Wall height up to room height
Module width up to 2000 mm
Door single-leaf or double-leaf
Technical catalog


System umożliwia zastosowanie drzwi całoszklanych w ościeżnicy aluminiowej o świetle przejścia dochodzącym do 2500 x 1000 mm lub szklanych w ramie aluminiowej na dowolnym odcinku ściany. Ponadto możemy wykonać szklane drzwi wahadłowe, przesuwne, drewniane czy też drzwi na okuciach punktowych (jedno i dwuskrzydłowych).


Sound insulation of Optimal Office 30 system is from 35 dB to 39 dB, depending on the version.

System OPTIMAL Office 30 has the highest sound insulation among all competitive single glass systems.

VSG 44.2 35 dB
VSG 55.2 37 dB
VSG 66.2 38 dB
VSG 88.2 39 dB


Optimal Office 30 has undergone the complete set of tests at the Building Technique Institute in Warsaw.


Our sliding walls have been tested for:

– safety of use

– correct operation

– sound insulation

– response to fire

– fire resistance EI15, EI30, EI60


All the tests were positive within the upper tolerances for the product.


If you are considering a wall of other manufacturer, ask them about tests at the Building Technique Institute and come back to us!


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